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Online Therapy Network and James Roberts, LMFT are the proud recipient of the 2019 "Best of Pleasanton" Award in the category for "Psychotherapy." We are very honored.

I've been providing professional counseling/therapeutic services to pre-teens, adolescents, and adults for over a decade. I offer in-office visits in Pleasanton, CA, as well as "Skype Therapy." I've always been able to connect with my clients, and have built long term therapeutic relationships with many of them. I have worked with many issues including, but not limited to Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, Grief and Loss, Behavioral Disturbance, Addictions (controlled substances, marijuana, alcohol, video gaming), Emotional Disturbance, lack of life skills and lack of coping skills.

I use CBT and Solution-Focused Therapy as my main methods of therapeutic intervention. I understand that it is not just your skill level, but your personality and how you come across to the client which builds a strong therapeutic relationship. I have a very easy going and accepting attitude which has allowed me to build my practice and serve my clients to the best of my ability.

I am an "out of network" provider. Meaning, I will give you a billing statement that you will submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company on reimbursement rates. Many times, the cost isn't much different from a co-pay. Please call 925-243-5086 or email me at if you have any questions or would like a free consultation.

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Please contact James Roberts, LMFT if you have any questions regarding any of the services being offered.   Currently, all couples therapy slots are full, but we hope to have some more open next year, 2020.



I provide individual therapeutic services to adults for issues including, but not limited to Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Problems, Work Stress, Grief and Loss, Trauma, and Addiction. Please allow me to help alleviate your symptoms.


I currently work in a pediatrics department and have been providing therapy to adolescents for over 10 years. I consider this my specialty. I have always been able to connect with kids, and it shows through the success I've had counseling them.


At least 1 out of every 3 clients I see has some sort of addiction issue. Whether it is screen addiction (cell phone, video games, internet), or substance abuse issues (Marijuana, Alcohol, or other drug). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy are models I use to assist in curving cravings and restoring stability.



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